Friday, December 21, 2012

Ye-Werha Megabit Irswom Yimokrut (Know thy heritage trivia quiz of the month)

Blogger's note:
This month's trivia quiz focus on how well you know Ethiopian musical tradition. From liturgical compositions created in the 6th century to pop sensations of the 1960s & 70s (The Golden era of Ethiopian Music) and beyond to the modern era. One can find answers to these trivia questions are to be found in our publication Ethiopian Calendar with  biographies 2003 & 2004 E.C. editions.

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1. He popularized Oromifa songs in the 1960s & 70s with his band and songs like Si Si Jama Kiya. Can you name the artist?

2. This song sang/performed by the most popular Tilahun Gessesse landed the star vocalist Tilahun & the writer of the lyrics in jail. What was the name of the song & who wrote the lyrics?

3. Composed & sang Ilim ale Baburu Wetat yizo bemulu while riding a train on his way to Djibouti and then to Korea as part of Imperial Ethiopian Army units who were deployed to serve as United Nations Peacekeepers. Name this folk music hero.

4. The 6th century composer Qidus (St.) Yared invented indigenous liturgical chant with notation called Zema and sacred dance called Aquaquam. His works were compiled in 5 volumes with distinct titles. Name some of the titles or the three hymnal modes of Zema.

5. Finally, the following popular tunes from the golden era of Ethiopian music have one thing in common. Enjoy the music and try to find the common element in them.

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